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Juicy is Skagen's new café

CASE: Juicy is Skagen’s new café

Juicy is Skagen’s new café, and here healthy and delicious food is enjoyed with sustainability and health highly valued.

Seasonal organic ingredients are served in a cozy café both indoors, and outdoors on the terrace or as a take-away.

Maybritt Mariager talks about their investment in a Silent Ordering System from Discover Systems;


Discover Systems Silent Ordering paging system have made our everyday life much easier.
Now we do not have to spend time running around and look for our customers.
We have 2 terraces and spent an incredible amount of time searching for customers.
The system has a long range which allows the customer to walk away from the restaurant and look at other shops while waiting for their food (take-away)
It also means that customers can go outside and wait in the good weather and do not have to stand inside and take up space for the next customers in line.
All in all, it just makes everyday life easier 😊👌

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