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An inspiring story about sustainable coffee and support for the work of the United Nations

Nina Maria and Bjorn started Barista in 2006, marking the beginning of an era where no other chains in Scandinavia served Fairtrade or organic coffee. But Barista also stood out in another way by making an effort to support the United Nations’ work in ensuring children’s education.

Barista has a close collaboration with the UN and is actively involved in the campaign “school meals provide knowledge”. In fact, Barista even has a seat on the board of the Swedish UN fund, demonstrating their commitment to making a positive difference. If you are interested in learning more about their work with the UN, you can visit

It is important to note that coffee is the second largest commodity in the world after oil. Unfortunately, this market is controlled by a handful of large buyers, resulting in poor conditions for over 25 million coffee farmers.

If you want to learn more about Barista’s commitment to improving conditions in coffee production, you can visit their website Here you will find additional information about their sustainability initiatives and the efforts they make to ensure fair and sustainable coffee production.

We believe it is important to convey this information. Barista’s commitment to supporting the UN and working towards better conditions for coffee farmers is part of their unique and inspiring story. We hope you find this information useful and motivating.


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