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What is the range -> Range from main transmitter to pager is approx. 150-250 meters in open air, but can be expanded with repeater which provides additional same distance per repeater. Distances always depend on where the system is and what is close by, but as general rule can all buildings be covered. An example is that we cover 36,000 m2 in Ikea Berlin, which is done with only a few repeaters.

How do I get integration to my POS system -> Contact your POS supplier. We have integration with a wide range of software such as; Vectron, Schultes, Hypersoft, TCPos, Micros / Oracle, Gastronovi, PC Cash, Mem-O-Matic, Qudini, Hoga-Data, USC-r-Keeper, Centara, Flexybox, WinPos, Untill, NCR just to name a few . By integration, pagers can be called from for example, the cash register or a KDS (Kitchen Display System)

How often should I change the battery in the pager-> Depending on how much the pagers are used daily, but anything between 6-18 months. Sign up for our service system, and we will take care of it so that you have a 24/7/365 working system and no downtime.

How long life time has a call system -> Obviously difficult to judge as it depends on usage and where it is used daily, but we have plenty of examples that our systems after 10-12 years of use are still used every day in the same places.

How do I get the pager number on the order-> If you have one of the software that we are integrated with, you can either get a barcode on the restaurant buzzer which is then scanned when the pager is handed out. Thereby the pager number is attached to the order in the till or POS system. Many software also have a dedicated button in the till where you can press pager number in, whereby the pager number then appears in the POS system and order ticket. There are still many restaurants where you manually write down the number that goes into the kitchen for production.

What to do if system does not work -> Then contact us:

DK +45 7022 0056

S +46 4029 3200

DE +49 40 300 662 20

Or at [email protected]

Or the dealer who supplied the system.

Can I get pagers with a different sound -> Yes there are different options to get different levels of sounds, as well as the frequency of eg sound, flashes and vibration. Just as we have different colors of pagers; blue, red, brown, black, transparent.

What to do to get service -> Just contact us, or your dealer.

What does it cost -> There is no “one size fits all” in such systems. It all depends on how big the area is, distances, number of tables, number of guests per day etc etc. so it is individual. Contact us for advice and guidance and a good price before you decide. Advantage is that if you are in doubt about the number of pagers, you can start with the lowest possible number, and later upgrade if necessary.

In many cases, a customized system costs no more than one cup of coffee per day, and we have plenty of flexible solutions payment in either purchase or rent!

I’m afraid of losing pagers -> It’s a general concern, but there’s no reason to have this concern. It is very simple; if your guests are waiting for food, then they must first hand over their buzzer pager before they get food. After all, they paid for the food, so they will have to go to get it. If no buzzer is returned, the customer receives no food or service.

How much noise does the buzzers make -> 77 dB. We call the product the Silent Ordering System for a reason, as it is important that the sound is not too loud. Exactly the noise level in a restaurant or elsewhere can in many cases be a general problem, and we do not want our system to increase this further. That is why we often recommend our customers to have the lowest possible sound (which is also a lot more pleasant than if an employee has to scream for the customer through the restaurant!)

Cleaning->Use warm water with a small amount of dishwashing detergent soaked in a dishcloth then wrung until just damp (excess water may cause damage). Gently wipe down pager, dispenser, and master console keyboard.

Do not use liquid substances that can run into the electronic parts

Alternative use disinfecting wipes with isopropyl alcohol, or a cloth wrung with isopropyl alcohol.

Can the pager system interfere with other systems such as radio, TV, internet etc? No it can’t. The system is at a legal frequency and has its own sub-frequency, so interference does not occur.

Can you lease / rent the pager system -> Yes there are many options for both renting and leasing as well as buying the system with flexible payment terms. Contact us for more information


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