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User friendly waiter call system

efficient communication

Save time and money and get a better co-operation in the restaurant

Discover Systems Waiter Call System

  • Efficient and effective control of many guests in large areas
  • Improved, consistent communication from the kitchen to serving staff
  • More focused cooperation through group messages to larger staff numbers
  • A flexible workflow for serving staff with less hurrying back and forth

display terminal chef flexible workflow restaurant cafe     display pager waiter waiter call flexible workflow serving staff

The situation is familiar: There are several events occurring in the restaurant, hotel or convention centre. There is a distance between the kitchen and the serving area. Various individuals, groups and large parties are served at once and several teams of servers need to be given different messages.

The Multi Call System makes it easy to transmit individual or multiple messages – via a user friendly display terminal.

How the multi call system works

The Discover Systems waiter call system is a simple paging system that allows you to send messages from one terminal to one or more handheld pagers. A number of messages can be encoded in advance, such as “Serving table 3”, “Questions to order” or “Delay 20 minutes”. Kitchen staff can, with one touch, send an individual or collective message to the entire serving staff in the area.

The pagers can be set to either vibrate, beep or both and can be reset manually or automatically. They can be connected to several terminals with for example, a terminal in both the kitchen and the reception.


We offer financing: Investment may be spread over a number of months. The system can also be rented over a 2 or 3 year period, with or without purchase rights.


The system is plug and play. Installation is simple and easy. Clear and concise instructions are included.

If desired, the system can be installed and staff trained in using the system in less than two hours.


We can offer a very advantageous financing with fixed installments and fixed interest rate
Pay cash, over 6 months or choose a different payment scheme. We have a solution that suits you
Quite simple
A few clicks is all it takes. Then the rest will run automatic

We are very pleased with Discover Systems. They provide discreet communication between the kitchen and the waiter, thus ending giving the guest a better experience. On top of that they provide a great customer service.

Patricia Gomes, restaurantmanager Trattoria FIAT

We use Discover Systems waiter call for better communication between the kitchen and floor general.We wanted to get rid of the classical noise from the kitchen clock and avoid unnecessary trips to the kitchen, so waiters could spend more time with guests. We are very satisfied with the system.

Maria Mulbjerg Thimsen, Executive Restaurant Manager, Cock's n Cows

With Discover Systems Silent Ordering System, we are able to simplify the processes in our restaurants and increase customer satisfaction.

Theresa Weissenböck, XXXL Gastronomie

We can never avoid waiting in the hospital. For some emergency situations it can easily occur, and there will unfortunately be waiting times for our patients. Therefore, we are extremely pleased that we have been able to introduce what we call »easy waiting«, so our patients in the waiting areas can get a greater freedom and hopefully a more pleasant stay.

deputy director Susanne Poulsen