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6 reasons why you still use pager systems and not mobile phones

6 reasons why you still use pager systems and not mobile phones

6 reasons why you still use pager systems and not mobile phones
Many people still ask if you can’t just use mobile phones instead of pagers, but here are several reasons why pagers (also called buzzers, beepers or bleeper) are better in many situations.

Secure and reliable communication
Pagers are not dependent on e.g. mobile network or wi-fi, but have entirely their own communication channel. Pager systems are therefore a more reliable form of communication if, for example, wifi or phone network fails. Important places to have reliable communication are, for example, hospitals, security companies, clinics, emergency services, etc.

Cheap to buy and use
Compared to giving your patients or customers a mobile phone to call them, the pagers are significantly cheaper. Likewise, there are no SMS fees or telephone subscriptions, which are often expensive enough.

Durable and robust
The pagers and buzzers are robust and built for use in many harsh environments. A mobile phone is significantly more fragile, not least because of glass surface.

Easy technology
Pagers have been made since the 1950s (and often called buzzers, beepers, bleepers), and are therefore a technology that has been developed over many years. Many may want to call it an old technology, but it is precisely the many years that have meant that the technology does not have the same faults as mobile phones. Pagers are easy to use and install and require little or no training.

Discreet and powerful
One of the places where pagers are often used is as waiter or staff calls. The pagers are often behind the belt or in the pocket of the serving staff, who only receive a discreet vibration when they must collect the food from the kitchen, or have to be called to the bar, etc. A mobile phone that must vibrate to the same extent throughout the day will very quickly run out of battery, which does not happen to a pager as this is built for this very purpose.

This is, for example, also important if they are used as pagers in clinics or hospitals, etc., that you can set pagers to only vibrate, and that they do not need to ring or send any other form of noise.

Many options
Pager systems often have an open protocol which makes it easy for other systems to integrate. This can be POS systems, or waiting time systems at warehouses that will call for trucks, or patient systems in the clinic or hospital, where you can call the pagers from your existing system.

However, there are also separate software’s that can do this if you don’t want to bother with a standard calling terminal.

The pager systems also have the option of making group calls, which means that you can call several people at the same time. It can, for example, be a chef who wants to give a message to the entire serving staff, or a leader of an emergency team who wants everyone to come to the same place. The possibilities are many.



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