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Pager systems for all sectors


All sectors can use a pager system.

Where people are waiting, you can achieve significant benefits with a pager call system.

Whether it’s in a hospital where patients wait, in a store where customers waiting for service or things to be retrieved from stock, or simply to call a service representative. Using a calling system can mean significant timesaving, and an optimized service.

Even in the logistics industry, where trucks and drivers must wait for the free ramp, or when products are retrieved, a wireless pager system will be beneficial to save valuable time and resources.

Restaurants, cafés and hotels have used guest call, staff calls, service calls and waiter calls for years, and in recent years many other industries have realized the savings and efficiency improvements a calling system can provide for their business.

But it is not only savings what a calling system can provide. It’s also about taking advantage of waiting time for and use for better service or better safety In many cases can a calling system also contribute to this.

Discover Systems has over 18 years of experience in analyzing waiting situations and giving advice for the best solutions for businesses. We also have a solution for your business.

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Production & Industry

Medical, Dentist Veterinary Clinics


Street Food

Ferries & Cruise Ships

Amusement parks, indoor playgrounds and water parks

Fitness, sports complexes, golf clubs

Car dealers and workshops


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