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Paging system which can be tailormade for any situation.

Production & Industry

  • Timesavings
  • Efficiency
  • Safety

A paging system for industry ensures both time savings, efficiency and security.

Three things that are important factors in all industries!

With a paging system for industry, you get many benefits in both production and warehousing facilities. The Pager system ensures more efficient communication between the various departments, production cells or employees.

In today’s world, not many production companies can afford production or machinery to stand still. Often this is the critical point for companies to optimize its bottom line. A simple and user-friendly pager system is easy to implement and is quickly earned through streamlining.

The user options are diverse. This can be short messages that new materials must be used, messages about technical defects, messages about pick-up of products or messages that must be called to an employee (staff pager)

A pager system for industry means flow optimization as it improves material and workflow. This also reduces stress and increases productivity and flexibility.

The paging system can be tailored to the individual factory or warehouse and works over a large area, both outdoors and indoors. It provides increased freedom and greater employee satisfaction among staff.

Paging system comes in various forms, ranging from a simple call button that sends message or signal to a pager or pager watch;

to more advanced which can be integrated into the company’s own software, or used with a standard software. Thus, one can often send specific and self-selected messages to the pagers.


With a paging system for the industry, you get more efficient workflows, and can thus reduce staff costs.

This applies not only in the production itself but can also be in the warehouse where you can streamline the work with of forklifts, so that these do not run in vain. This is easily done with a paging system for forklifts;

Also on the warehouse loading and unloading ramp, you can save time and money by using a paging system. In many places there is chaos around the ramp or loading dock if there are many trucks waiting for a vacant ramp. With a pager system for waiting trucks, not only efficiency but also safety is increased, as employees no longer must run in and out of trucks in the yard;

A paging system thus saves you both time and money! AND ensures you greater efficiency, safety, and employee flexibility as well as employee satisfaction.

With us you get a paging system that is easy and quick to install. And that of course works every time!

We are happy to tailor a paging solution that suits your production and stock as well as financial basis.

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A few clicks is all it takes. Then the rest will run automatic

We work in our clinic with the modern paging system from Discover Systems, to make the possible waiting times for our customers more pleasant. With these pagers our patients can move freely and visit our “patient boulevard” on the second floor.

We are very satisfied with the system.

L. Plümer - Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE)

We are very pleased with Discover Systems. They provide discreet communication between the kitchen and the waiter, thus ending giving the guest a better experience. On top of that they provide a great customer service.

Patricia Gomes, restaurantmanager Trattoria FIAT

We use Discover Systems waiter call for better communication between the kitchen and floor general.We wanted to get rid of the classical noise from the kitchen clock and avoid unnecessary trips to the kitchen, so waiters could spend more time with guests. We are very satisfied with the system.

Maria Mulbjerg Thimsen, Executive Restaurant Manager, Cock's n Cows

With Discover Systems Silent Ordering System, we are able to simplify the processes in our restaurants and increase customer satisfaction.

Theresa Weissenböck, XXXL Gastronomie

We can never avoid waiting in the hospital. For some emergency situations it can easily occur, and there will unfortunately be waiting times for our patients. Therefore, we are extremely pleased that we have been able to introduce what we call »easy waiting«, so our patients in the waiting areas can get a greater freedom and hopefully a more pleasant stay.

deputy director Susanne Poulsen
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