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Staff paging

A staff paging system can be the easiest and cheapest solution

Staff Paging

  • Own communication network that provides effective communication
  • Improved, consistent communication from the kitchen to serving staff
  • Text messages in the pager
  • Immediate and secure communication
  • Simple and easy to operate pager systems
  • Can be integrated with eg. call buttons and sensors for shops, changing rooms or reception, or toilets
  • No SMS or telephone rates

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Staff Call hospital

Staff Paging

Everywhere you want to call people, service or help, a staff paging system can be the easiest and cheapest solution.

Pagers were originally back from the 1920s, where in the United States they used to contact and search for people using a “beeper” who instructed the recipient to call the telephone number of the person who had “paged” the person. At that time there were no mobile phones, and a pager was therefore of great help to larger companies, doctors, workshops, leisure parks, public offices and fitters.

The pagers or buzzers, which they were also called was based on one-way communication, and this form of communication is still used in today’s pagers. However, the pagers today are more advanced than a pager of the time, as todays staff pagers can have a larger display, and therefore have much better ability to send larger text messages to the pager, thereby avoiding having to call the sender up to ask what you want.

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Due to the mobile phone’s entry, person or staff pagers today are much more specialized, and there are numerous places, where these are perfect to use, instead of a phone. When a pager system is installed, it runs on its own frequency, is therefore accurate and simple in its communication, and is not subject to a charge. Moreover, it is easy to operate and a call can often be made with a single touch of a button on the transmitter.

The most common use is for example as a waiter’s call in a restaurant, which is used to ensure that the food for the guest is picked up as soon as it is ready in the kitchen, so that the food is served warm and fresh.

Pagers are also used in the logistics and forwarding world, where they are used to call waiting lorries: This avoid the staff from running between a bunch of waiting trucks at the warehouse, and save time for the loading dock.

Staff Paging in warehouse or factory

Staff pagers can also be used internally at a factory or company, where the staff may run around in the warehouse or factory, and one needs to call them for example to a machine which need to be repaired. Or just to communicate to a forklift driver, that now a pallet at the machine is full and must be picked up.

Staff Paging in hospitals

In hospitals or clinics, a personal pager can be used as a staff call, which is more efficient and easier than having to call via a telephone. Often, normal mobile signals are a problem in hospitals due to thick walls and many machines, or SMS messages can be hours on the way.  Using a solid radio communication, which a pager does avoid problems like the phones and wifi often have. Paging is a communication, which works instantly, and every time.

It can be connected to sensors, so that it can be used as an alarm call. An example of this may be in a nursing home, where a message is sent to the person on duty, when a door or window is opened in one of the patients rooms. When the pager alarm is triggered, staff are paged immediately and can respond accordingly.

It can also be used to save time by not having to go to a particular place so often. You can connect a door counter that notifies cleaning staff when a certain number of people have visited the toilet and it is now time for cleaning. Then you know exactly when to clean and can save time and resources internally.

Pager benefits:

  • Own communication network that provides effective communication.
  • Robust pager such as has metal clips to hang in belt.
  • Text messages in the pager.
  • Immediate and secure communication
  • Simple and easy to operate pager systems.
  • Can be integrated with eg. call buttons and sensors for shops, changing rooms or reception, or toilets.
  • No SMS or telephone rates.


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We work in our clinic with the modern paging system from Discover Systems, to make the possible waiting times for our customers more pleasant. With these pagers our patients can move freely and visit our “patient boulevard” on the second floor.

We are very satisfied with the system.

L. Plümer - Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE)

We are very pleased with Discover Systems. They provide discreet communication between the kitchen and the waiter, thus ending giving the guest a better experience. On top of that they provide a great customer service.

Patricia Gomes, restaurantmanager Trattoria FIAT

We use Discover Systems waiter call for better communication between the kitchen and floor general.We wanted to get rid of the classical noise from the kitchen clock and avoid unnecessary trips to the kitchen, so waiters could spend more time with guests. We are very satisfied with the system.

Maria Mulbjerg Thimsen, Executive Restaurant Manager, Cock's n Cows

With Discover Systems Silent Ordering System, we are able to simplify the processes in our restaurants and increase customer satisfaction.

Theresa Weissenböck, XXXL Gastronomie

We can never avoid waiting in the hospital. For some emergency situations it can easily occur, and there will unfortunately be waiting times for our patients. Therefore, we are extremely pleased that we have been able to introduce what we call »easy waiting«, so our patients in the waiting areas can get a greater freedom and hopefully a more pleasant stay.

deputy director Susanne Poulsen
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