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Focus on good customer service with a button call system

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Blackstone Steakhouse in Sweden is a restaurant chain with 13 restaurants that cook with quality ingredients. The dishes are served on glowing lava stone. 

Blackstone Steakhouse focuses on good customer service and is very eager to give guests a first-class experience. That is why they have also introduced a button call system at the tables, so that guests do not have to sit and wait for a waiter to come by, but can call the serving staff by simply pressing a button. 

And it’s not just the guests who are happy with this service. Waiters report that they get more tips after the system is implemented, as guests are happier and more satisfied. And you can’t get enough of satisfied customers.

The restaurant owners and sous chefs are also happy with the system, as it means quick and accurate service for the guests, and ultimately a faster turn of tables, which after all means more turnover. 

Magnus Ehn states; “…  There are actually no bad things about a button call system, as it is of great benefit to both our guests and staff. Happiness is contagious both ways, and if the guests are happy, our staff are too. In particular, the staff are of course happy that more tips are coming in. 

The system came plug-and-play, so it was just a matter of putting them on the respective tables, and when the customers press the button and call the waiter, he can see on his watch which table is calling and can react immediately. Therefore there are no guests sitting and waving their arms to get a waiter’s attention. 

We simply have the buttons lying on the tables, and guests just get information that they can use the buttons according to their needs when they are shown down to the table. 

It’s a win/win for both guests and staff …”

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