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Finally 😊

After two years of waiting, we look forward again to being at INTERNORGA in Hamburg from 30.04 to 04.05.2022, and presenting the best pager systems.

Good solid pager systems for both guest and waiter calls and general staff calls are more relevant than ever before, as the entire restaurant and hotel industry across Europe is thirsty for more staff.

The last two years have been difficult for the gastronomy and hotel industry, and on top of a pandemic, it is a shortage of staff that is hurting the industry. Fortunately, you can help a lot with technology and experience in work and customer flow. We have both!

Pager systems give existing staff more time and flexibility, and often a pager system can replace some staff at a time when help is lacking.

Come see how we can help your business;

GUEST CALL – For self-service restaurants that allow guests to wait comfortably, and which help staff not to be stressed.

WAITER CALL – for the serving staff and the kitchen staff, which makes the staff more efficient. This gives more time for additional sales and thus increased revenue.

BUTTON CALL – For both staff calls and customer calls. A button call means that no step is taken in vain.

POWERBANK – for your restaurant, bar, meeting room or other places where you would like the guest to stay longer. This means not only increased service, but also more revenue.

Come and see us on our new booth Hall A2, Stand 225 #internorga, and let us relieve your staff problems and find the perfect solution for your restaurant or hotel.

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