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Is your restaurant mobile friendly?

Is your restaurant mobile friendly?

There is a great chance that your customers have found your particular restaurant, cafe or bar because of their smartphone. That they have googled cafes in their neighborhood, they have seen others’ Instagram photos or recommendations of the food served. Or that they just happened to fall over a special offer on Facebook.

Therefore, it is important that your café has a well-considered online presence. That you keep an eye on what your customers are writing about the food, service and facilities you offer. And of course you are advertising directly to your audience via social media and other relevant channels.

Smartphones have in a few years changed and taken over the world. It is probably not unusual for your customers to sit and click on their smartphones while drinking coffee or eating their food. The time when you enjoyed a cup of coffee in silence without distractions is over. And it is both good and bad for your business.

Firstly, it has never been easier for your customers to rate your café. If they experience good service, good food and enjoy their surroundings, they quickly snap a picture and share it on Instagram, where everyone in their network can read about their experience.

But sometimes the smartphone can also compete with the time spent at your cafe. Because the smartphone is so important to modern humans – and especially to the younger generation – a low battery level can easily be the reason for leaving the restaurant early.

Did you know, for example, that 87% of the so-called millennials never let their phone out of sight? And that in 2015, 46% of all smartphone users agreed that “they could never live without their smartphone”?

If your customers do not want to be at your cafe without their smartphone by their side, you can hrlp  their low battery and offer free charging of their phones. In this way, you provide both good service that will be remembered – and keep your customers a little longer.

Would you also like to make your café more mobile friendly? Read more about our charging system Free of Charge here:

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