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Optician communication

Berger Optik

Optician communication

Christian Berger, Berger Optik.

With many opticians, there is a pressure on the test rooms, and it is important to make optimal use of the time in these.

When a customer is in for an eye test, the customer often has a plenty of time, and may want to talk a little more than just about glasses and vision etc. This can make the test rooms a cozy place, which is great for both customer and optician, but if there is pressure on the flow of customers, and the need for flow in the sample rooms. then it is a matter of optimizing the processes and communication internally to save time.

This has been done at Berger Optik in Galten, Denmark where Christian Berger has had a call button installed in the welcome area in the store, and a small light panel inside the rehearsal rooms.

Thus, the staff out front can discreetly, and effectively tell the optician, that now the next customer has come and is waiting their turn, or that another optician should use the room as soon as he is done.

This means that you can streamline your time, and make sure that you do not waste time with cozy talk in rehearsal rooms, but e.g. can take the customer out to the store and finish talking.

Christian Berger says that “There is often pressure on sample and test rooms at opticians, and a simple and easy communication like a call button in the store, and a light in the sample and test rooms means that we can streamline our processes. We can thereby get more customers through eye tests and in the store, and the process flows more easily for the benefit of staff and customers.

As the lamp in the treatment rooms can communicate with several colors, there is a possibility that we can give different messages to the treatment persons depending on the agreement. It is easy and efficient ”

Likewise, Berger Optik has installed a calling system so that you can call each other if some employees are in the first floor, where there is a workshop and dining areas. This means that you also do not have to run back and forth to call on a person.

Calling systems can be tailored to almost any situation where you want to optimize your workflows and processes. It is easy to install and operate and makes economic sense.

Let us know about your workflows and processes and get advice on how it can be improved. 

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