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Shopping malls

are becoming more and more widespread and popular

Shopping malls are becoming more and more widespread and popular

It is clear that in northern countries with cold winters, a shopping centre will be a popular place to shop in the winter. However, with the increasing global warming, there is also an increased tendency that people in warmer countries like shopping in a nicely chilled shopping centre.

Many shopping malls have food courts, and guests like to have food in quiet surroundings as a perfect end to a trip to the mall.

A guest pager system is the perfect service for many restaurants in these centres, as it means that guests do not have to stand in line in front of the restaurant, but can sit quietly and wait to get their food. And if they have had their drinks first, there is a good chance that the restaurant can make additional revenue on this, as there is a chance that guests will order more when they pick up the food.

The pager system is easy to operate and easy to understand for guests. Guests are given a pager and can sit at a table and wait to be called when the food is ready. This also makes the guests not as stressed as they can be if they get the food immediately, and then must run around to find a vacant table while they know that their food will be cold. With a guest paging system, everything becomes calmer and more efficient for the benefit of both guests and the restaurant.

Not having to look at long food queues and guests who are impatient is also something the staff appreciates and is much less stressful during the busy hours of the day.

Some places have name or number calls, which can also be a source of error and stress. If the guest does not hear it, or misunderstands the call, this can be an annoyance to everyone. With a customer paging system, you avoid the noise that calls over intercom make.

But it is not only restaurants in shopping centres that benefit from a paging system.

You will often find many other activities in these shopping centres, such as playgrounds or e.g. bowling alleys. Here you can use pager systems to improve the service if there is a waiting time for a course or activity. It could be that in playland had a maximum number of visitors, and you thus had to wait to enter. Everyone knows that it is not easy to wait with children who quickly become impatient, so that you can walk around a bit while waiting will be a great relief for parents, and playland does not lose customers who might be impatient.

At the bowling alleys you can install a call button which sends a signal to a service employee, if e.g. there is a problem with the course or other help is required.

In both playgrounds and bowling alleys, it can also be that you serve food, and then a guest pager system here is also perfect as a tool for staff and for the enjoyment of guests.

Shops in shopping malls are also places where pager systems can be used to advantage. For example, you can have a limit on how many customers you can have in the store at a time. No stores want to send customers away, so a customer paging system is perfect for holding customers and for avoiding queues in front of the store. Queuing is often something that scares customers away.

A pager system can also be used in changing rooms where a call button is installed. Thereby, customers can call for assistance from the room, and do not have to leave it. Often it is a matter of getting a piece of clothing in a different size, and it can be annoying for customers to have to change just to go out to the store and ask for a different size.

Pager and call systems are exquisite service to its customers, which makes them come again and again.

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