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The quiet helper

The quiet helper

Almost all over Western Europe, there is a labor shortage in the restaurant industry:

77% of the restaurant owners see lack of qualified staff as one of the biggest business issues.

60% seek constant employees, and

2/3 say that they either have restricted their offerings or that they must reject guests!

Therefore, today it is extra important to use technology that make everyday life better and easier for both employees and guests. If you can make workflows more efficient and thus get more time. Time which can be used for more sales!

Discover Systems has for more than 17 years, helped restaurants to improve their work and customer flow.

Silent Ordering System is a guest call system, often used as the “silent helper” in situations or days where staff are missing. Silent Ordering can provide more time and overview during the hectic hours.

Even though you have table service, many people use a guest pager system during the busiest hours, and let the guest pick up their food when it is ready.

Guests have nothing against this, as they get the food when it’s fresh and hot, and witout any misunderstandings.

Silent Ordering System is an “Employee” who never gets sick and who can step up anytime, anywhere!

Working exclusively with table dining and not wishing self service, we also offer an efficient waiter call system who will help staff to have more time to upsell and service the guests better.

* Source: Industrial and Chamber of Commerce (IHK) in Germany