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The Revolutionary Self-ordering kiosks Take Over Restaurants Worldwide

The Revolutionary Self-ordering kiosks Take Over Restaurants Worldwide

Self-ordering kiosks are becoming more and more common in restaurants all over the world

There are several factors that have caused the development to be at full speed. Staff shortages in the restaurant
industry are a big factor, and Covid-19 has also led to the trend towards self-service instead of queuing.

And there are several advantages for the restaurants. Self-order kiosks also help restaurants
reduce wait times, improve order accuracy and, most importantly, increase sales – benefits that are important
to many restaurants.

Adoption in Large and Small Chains

Self-service kiosks started a lot in the large self-service chains such as McDonald’s,
Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut etc, but also smaller chains and individual restaurants
have clear advantages by introducing these.

In many teaching places in the big chains, for many years, there has been a phrase
called “must you have fries for that”, implying that they have tried to get the staff to sell
more when people ordered. This was successful in some cases, but it also turned out that the
staff quickly forgot this lesson. This is not the case with a self-service kiosk, which in addition
to taking the guest around to all the menu options, can also show some nice and appetizing
pictures of the products, which often leads the guest to buy a little more.

Staff Flexibility and Efficiency

A self-service kiosk also often solves the problem of staff shortages, and conversely,
if you have sufficient staff, a kiosk solution will mean that the restaurateur
can use the staff more flexible and redeploy them to other tasks, or increase the service to the guests.

So compared to the other mentioned advantages such as order accuracy
and the possibility of reduced waiting times, there are no disadvantages – And yet!!!

For many places, it turns out that queues and thus the guest’s experience of waiting times are not even that positive.
The reason is that when you get your receipt for your order from the self-service kiosk, in many places you still have to queue in front of a screen to see when your number will be called to pick up the food.
The guests there do not feel a reduced waiting time compared to having to wait in front of a staff-operated till.

Someone has solved it by having to run out to find the guest who has sat down,
but that also requires extra staff, and there can often be misunderstandings
about who has ordered what and is sitting where. And some have solved it with a table
tracking system which can also be a good solution;


Bona’me’s Integrated Solution:

Bona’me, a modern Kurdish-Turkish restaurant with branches in 8 German cities, has successfully implemented a simple and cost-effective solution to enhance their service. By combining a self-service kiosk with a pager system ( ), they have streamlined their order fulfillment process. When customers place their orders at the self-ordering kiosk, they receive a pager that corresponds to their order. This pager allows the restaurant staff to notify customers when their food is ready for pickup, eliminating the need for customers to wait in line. Bona’me’s approach ensures an easy and elegant dining experience for their customers, while also optimizing staff utilization and maintaining cost efficiency.

Contact us and get good advice on how you can help your staff and ensure satisfied guests. After all, we have over 20 years of experience with this

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