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What do you do to ensure your customers come again?

What do you do to ensure your customers come again?

As a restaurant or cafe owner, manager or souschef
You probably do a lot to attract customers. You may advertise on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other platforms.
You make sure you are on JustEat or The Fork etc, and are happy that you are on Tripadvisor.

Horeca kaldesystem

And you probably know the old statistics that say it costs 7-8 times more to acquire a new customer than to sell to an existing one.

So what do you do to ensure that your customers come back again and again? Yes, it is clear that your price and quality need to be in line with the guest’s expectations, but it is also important to exceed the guest’s expectation of e.g. service. This often not only gets guests to come again, but also many times gets a free mention to those they know. And viola you also get new customers through regular customers.

So how is it done?

And how is that done? There are many points of contact with the guest in a restaurant or cafe visit that allow for this, and we at Discover Systems focus every day on helping our customers improve their service, and at the same time ensure that their costs are lower.

In today’s world where staff shortages within the hospitality industry are a big topic, we are specialists in this, as we offer systems that help the restaurant and cafe to either make the existing staff more efficient, or even in some situations completely save on the staff account.

One of the places where restaurants often have problems is, for example, if staff call in sick. Finding someone can generally be a problem, but then also on short notice can be a huge problem.

Employees around the clock

Our systems such as waiter call or guest call systems are in a figurative sense a staff that helps, but on the other hand a staff that is never sick and is prepared to work 24/7/365 without additional conditions.

Many of our buzzer / beeper systems (as some also call them) are practical helpers when needed. For example, we have many customers who use our guest call when there is either a staff shortage, or for example during rush hours. Outside of busy times, or if all other personnel are present, you serve and only use the systems when there is real pressure.

Staff Call

The same is with a staff call. This saves time for the kitchen and for the chef, and ensures that the guest gets his food quickly, precisely, and hot and fresh.

When guests experience that there is control over the servings and that they get their food on time and as fresh and hot as possible, means that the guest has a better experience. In other words, an opportunity for the guest to be so satisfied that he comes back another day or recommends the restaurant or cafe to his friends.

Free of Charge

Another product that enhances the guest experience is our Free of Charge, which is a specially designed power bank that the cafe or bar can use to keep the guest longer. In many bars, the peanuts “trick” is used to get the guest to stay seated, but as you know, one of the biggest problems of our time is that phones run out of power and people get impatient and want to charge up.

Free of Charge is an easy product that gives the bar the opportunity to borrow a power bank so that the guest stays and thereby orders more, which is good for revenue and the bottom line.

The power bank is specially designed so that it can only be used in the on-site charger, so it is not a power bank that the guest can enjoy elsewhere other than right there in the bar or cafe.

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