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Call buttons

make dentists more efficient

Call buttons make dentists more efficient

An efficient and internal communication ensures dentists that employees have a more efficient working day, and that patients have a more pleasant experience when being under treatment.

A call button system for dentists is an effective communication which consists of call buttons that send a wireless message to a small pager which can be carried either on the arm or in a special clip in the pocket.

Treatment rooms can call for an assistant or secretary quickly and accurately when assistance is needed. A wireless call button is pressed, and the pager clock shows from which room the call comes from with a short text; Eg. Room 4

A call button system for dental clinics improves the workflow more efficient, and improves the service experience for patients.

The system is easy to operate and install, and has countless advantages:

• The system operates on its own radio frequency and is not dependent on wifi, cables etc.

• The watch is easily charged with the included charger

• The call buttons are easy to clean / disinfect.

• It is easy to make text changes in the pagers.

• The call buttons do not need battery replacement until 1-2 years and maybe longer depending on use.

• System comes ready for use and is just plug-and-play.

• Flexible and long range with amplifiers.

• Cancellation buttons can be connected to the system.

• Buttons with 1-6 different calls in the same button.

• Beautiful design

• Rooms such as disinfection rooms can be equipped with an informative LED display connected to the system

A call button system for dental clinics makes the workflow better, more efficient and without misunderstandings, as well as the service experience in patients is improved.

Ask us for a demonstration.

  • More efficiency – less stress – better patient service
  • A communication system where you don’t have to grind your teeth 😉

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