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Pleasant waiting time for patients and staff

Patient queuing system


  • Pleasant waiting time for patients and staff
  • Time-saving for staff - Patients can be sent directly to examination rooms
  • Discreet communication - Patients' names need not be called out or appear on screens.
  • Less stress and patience for patients - They are no longer afraid to be forgotten
  • A patient call system, which is easy to use and understand for both patients and hospital staff
  • Ideal to use with patient booking systems
  • Control of patient flow
  • Minimizing risk of infection

Calling systems in hospitals and clinics provide many benefits for both patients and hospital staff.

We offer a variety of systems that are adapted to the individual hospital or clinic as needed

With a QuietCall® system or Silent Ordering System, patients can wait in peace and quiet, and the systems create a comfortable atmosphere in the waiting room or waiting hall.

The staff at the hospital or in the clinic can receive a lot of help in their everyday life. They should not anymore run around to find the patient or shout for them. They get more peace of mind in their management of the patient flow.

The call system consists simply of discs or pagers that the patient receives when they wait and a call station is placed at the arrival desk or in the individual medical consultations. The disc or pagers can beep, blink and vibrate, which is of great benefit to, for example, disabled patients. In addition to this, you can get more types of software implemented, such as sending messages to screens or written messages directly to the pagers. Thus, the patient flow will be controlled more effectively and easily.

A patient call system not only provides more calm and less stress for both patients and staff but can also mean more safety in larger waiting rooms, as the flexibility can spread its patients across a larger area. This also means that patients can wait outside, or in, for example, the cafeteria of café, and not be afraid to be forgotten, or not to see or hear when it is their turn.

With a call system for patients, hospitals, treatment clinics, doctors or dentists, give their patients a more comfortable waiting time, while also allowing patients to be called discreetly and individually.

A patient call system / Hospital pager can be rented or leased if desired

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We work in our clinic with the modern paging system from Discover Systems, to make the possible waiting times for our customers more pleasant. With these pagers our patients can move freely and visit our “patient boulevard” on the second floor.

We are very satisfied with the system.

L. Plümer - Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE)

We are very pleased with Discover Systems. They provide discreet communication between the kitchen and the waiter, thus ending giving the guest a better experience. On top of that they provide a great customer service.

Patricia Gomes, restaurantmanager Trattoria FIAT

We use Discover Systems waiter call for better communication between the kitchen and floor general.We wanted to get rid of the classical noise from the kitchen clock and avoid unnecessary trips to the kitchen, so waiters could spend more time with guests. We are very satisfied with the system.

Maria Mulbjerg Thimsen, Executive Restaurant Manager, Cock's n Cows

With Discover Systems Silent Ordering System, we are able to simplify the processes in our restaurants and increase customer satisfaction.

Theresa Weissenböck, XXXL Gastronomie

We can never avoid waiting in the hospital. For some emergency situations it can easily occur, and there will unfortunately be waiting times for our patients. Therefore, we are extremely pleased that we have been able to introduce what we call »easy waiting«, so our patients in the waiting areas can get a greater freedom and hopefully a more pleasant stay.

deputy director Susanne Poulsen
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