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Meetings and exhibitions are concentrated time and are always a time-limited situation.

It is therefore important that time is used optimal, and that wasted time is avoided.

Meetings take place everywhere from meeting rooms in companies to meeting rooms in hotels or conference venues, and here it is also important that the meeting participants focus on the topic or topics they are meeting about and are not disturbed by many other things. Pre-disturbances can be if the technique / AV does not work, or if one e.g. want some food, water or other things. Should the meeting participants run out to find a service employee or waiter, this is unproductive and a waste of time. 

Such situations are handled with an easy and user-friendly calling system in the form of a push button system installed in the meeting room. This way, the meeting participants can simply call for assistance when needed with the push of a button. This without having to leave the meeting. Easy and simple and timesaving.

When exhibiting at a trade fair, there is often a lot of wasted time on stands to find

the person a customer would like to talk to. Often there is a check-in / service counter or

reception at the large stands, and here you then wait to talk to a specific person. Sometimes without a fixed appointment other time you may have a specific appointment.

But it often the customer has to stand and wait for a long time before the person / seller in question is found. It may be that the reception staff runs out to find him. It could be that you call him on his mobile. It could be that you have a calling system that calls for him over a loudspeaker. In all cases, there is uncertainty about how fast you can find the person, as he/she is maybe not near the booth, or is in the back room, have their phone on silent,  or generally cannot hear it due to the noise level.

There are many factors that come into play, and in general for these situations, oceans of time are wasted not only for sales staff, but also for the service staff and not least for the customers who visit the stand. And a trade fair is particular a concentrated situation, which costs a lot of money to participate in, so it is vital that the sales staff is efficient and that the customers are satisfied and feel welcome and served in the best possible way.

This is where a simple tool like a paging system is the right tool to use to get that efficiency and customer service on one’s booth. A paging system where each salesperson is equipped with a pager that makes the salesperson and customers meet the fastest and most efficient way. 

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