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Pager systems in healthcare and Covid-19 vaccination and testing centers

is a significant help for staff and security for the citizen

Pager systems in healthcare

Patient calls in the healthcare system are a great help, where patients wait separately

Covid-19 has created waiting times in many places, and especially at places like vaccination centres, there can be long waiting queues at times.

Pager systems can not only mean a more comfortable waiting time for patients, but also less stress for e.g., vaccination staff.

Of course, this is not only beneficial in vaccination centres, but also in many other types of clinics or medical practices. There, too, one can benefit from a pager system that allows patients to wait in more places than just in a crowded waiting room. Some clinics even have the option for patients to wait outside in a so-called open-air waiting room.

The Pager system for patients is easy to use as well as for patients to understand. The patient is given a pager and can wait in peace and can be called in when it is their turn.

There are also pagers who can tell the patient to go to a specific room. In the pagers is a small screen that can display; “go to vaccination room no. 3”. This also gives the logistics in vaccination centres a better patient flow and provides peace and overview for vaccinators.

The pagers are of course easy to clean, and can be set to either flash, beep or vibrate.

There are also other pager systems, which also in vaccination centres as well as at clinics and medical practices provide better workflow. For example a call button system installed in treatment rooms, which can be used to call for quick assistance when needed.

In a medical clinic, the doctor can call a nurse if he is standing with a patient he cannot leave and needs assistance. The same in a dental clinic or other treatment clinics.

Discover Systems also has in Dubai e.g. provided a call button system where the COVID-19 vaccine can be called to the various vaccine rooms when they are about to run out of vaccines.

Each vaccination room can tell an assistant to bring either a Pfizer or Astra vaccine if they are running out in the vaccination rooms. Of course, this also provides the best conditions for workflow, as well as that the vaccine is delivered fresh and can be kept refrigerated for as long as possible.

This is also used in quick test centres, where staff from each unit can call for assistance at the click of a button, or the lab, which checks the test, can promptly notify tester if there has been an infection. If there has been a positive Covid-19 test, the entire unit must be thoroughly cleaned, and all equipment replaced. This is a huge time saver for everyone involved in a quick test centre.

 COVID-19 has generally given the world a new perspective on time, and especially on not wasting time by waiting. Pager systems help to make time more efficient, so that both healthcare staff and patients have a more comfortable waiting time, as well as reducing wasted time.

Feel free to contact us for a chat about how we can make your clinic, medical practice or dental clinic more efficient and comfortable. 

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