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Sports halls, stadiums, fitness, bowling alleys, pool bars

Sports halls, stadiums, fitness, bowling alleys, pool bars

It is great to experience that after Covid-19 you can visit sports and fitness places again. Either as a performer or as a spectator. Sport not only excites but is also healthy to exercise.

Paging systems in these places can be used in a myriad of places. Here are just a few examples:

  • Many sports halls have a restaurant, cafe or cafeteria, and here a guest call pager or a waiter call system, all depending on whether you have self-service or table service, is an invaluable tool. Time savings as well as better customer service are the result if you use these systems.
  • Stadiums or large halls often have VIP rooms where sponsors stay. Here, a button call system can be an optimal service. The sponsors do not have to run out to find the service people but can call them at the touch of a button. For the service staff, this also means more efficiency and no running back and forth in vain.
  • Fitness places often have a reception, and here a call button can also be a help to the staff and a good service for the customers. Often the reception is not staffed all the time as the staff has other tasks around the house. A simple call button in the reception allows the staff to be called if help is required. A service call system allows staff to be flexible, without compromising on service level.
  • Bowling alleys can also install a button call at the courts. This allows guests to call for help if needed. Likewise, many bowling alleys serving food can use a guest paging system so guests can be called in when the food is ready.
  • Pool bars are places where waiting time can occur in connection with waiting for a vacant pool table. Guests waiting for it can get a pager and then sit down to wait at the bar. This ensures that the place holds the guest instead of them having to go somewhere else and can of course also mean additional sales of drinks.
  • Wherever you want to keep your customers as long as possible, it will also be an advantage to offer them a charging option for their phones. Mobile phones today are important for virtually all people, and if a guest is running out of power there is a danger that they will leave the place, which could mean loss of revenue. “Free of Charge” systems allow the place to borrow or rent a charger for guests, who then stay on site instead of leaving it. A unique service to its customers;

In short, there are many sports halls and places that can benefit greatly from paging systems, whether it is a guest paging system, a waiter call or a service call button. This is for the benefit of staff, guests and profits for the business.

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