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Waiting time is annoying

- even at a car dealer or in a car repair shop

Waiting time is annoying – even at a car dealer or in a car repair shop

Pager system

Nobody likes to wait, not even at the car dealer or in the workshop, whether the car is for service, repair, tire change, etc. or you want to look at a new / used car.

Therefore, many car dealers, workshops, bicycle, and motorcycle dealers as well as rental places use pager systems (pagers), which give their customers a more comfortable and flexible waiting time.

With an electronic calling system, the customer can wait, almost anywhere and does not have to stay in a specific waiting area, but can e.g. go outside and breathe fresh air, walk around the showroom and look at the next / newest new car while waiting.

It is also more comfortable for the customers that they do not have to sit closely in a small waiting area.

It is more efficient for e.g. the sales personnel or the mechanic to call via a pager when you need to reach the customer. You do not have to spend time walking or running around to find the customer. A paging system is easy, fast, discreet and efficient.

At Discover Systems, we have several different types of car dealers / car repair shops, all of which use the pager system differently.

• Some in the workshop/repair shop when a customer has to wait for a tire change or minor repair

• Others in the showroom when all salespeople are busy and the customer has to wait for the next available salesperson. This gives the customer an assurance that their turn is next and that the seller will not be “hijacked” by others in the showroom, which could otherwise give an angry and dissatisfied customer

• Some when buying service / spare parts so that queues are settled faster, smoothly,  and in the right order – and customers can do other things than stand in line.

Some bike dealers also have self-check in with pager delivery.

You can ask the customer in advance if there is something specific, they are looking for, e.g. a new bicycle, spare parts, helmet / clothes or repair. Using the pager system, the sales person or the right expert in the store can call on the customer that is relevant to him / her.

One of our case stories in this area can be seen here;

In these times where there is a lot of talk about the lack of cars of all brands, it is important for the car dealer to provide the optimal customer service and a page system is a good tool for this.

Some car dealers are so big that people come from far and wide to pick up their new car – make a whole day out of it with the family. One of these places is Autostadt in Wolfsburg, which in addition to being a pick-up point for cars, is also an excursion place for the whole family with restaurants, museum etc.

In some places you just need a simple calling system in your reception. The customer can call the staff who are nearby if the reception is not just occupied. Again it’s all about customer service, and ensures that the customer does not become impatient and possibly leaves before a purchase have been made.

Discover Systems can provide advice and guidance on which type of pager you need.

We have over 20 years of experience in improving the waiting time in many industries as well as streamlining work and customer flow, so feel free to ask us for advice.

Pager system

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